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BrIttany in San Fransico

Why the I in BrIttany

Hi, I'm Nicole! Before I explain the reason behind naming this blog, "The I in BrIttany," I have to explain who BrIttany is/was.  BrIttany was my sister. She was beautiful and kind. She was compassionate and honest. She also was diagnosed with schizophrenia (schizoaffective to be exact) in her teens. After struggling for many years she eventually took her life in 2008. 

She was much more than her illness and since her death I have been a big advocate for mental health and suicide awareness which brings me to why I have named this blog, The I in BrIttany. We can ALL see ourselves in BrIttany. I can see myself in BrIttany (hence why the I is uppercase in her name), I either have a mental health issue or I know someone that does.

I am not a professional. This blog and its content is from my personal experience and opinion. This blog is not only about my sister's journey but mine as well. It will take you through grief, loss, confusion, understanding, struggle and light. It will shine on mental health, suicide and brutal honesty. At times there will be happiness and acceptance and then there will also be deep darkness. I will always be raw and honest despite how it makes me look or feel because it is truth. I do this through stories and poems.


This blog is for anyone who has experienced mental illness, suicide or loss. This blog is for anyone who feels lost or misunderstood. This blog is for anyone who feels alone. This blog is for anyone who wants to learn. This blog is for you.


You are not alone.

I am BrIttany. 

*For information regarding mental health or suicide-

The national suicide prevention lifeline


TBT-_I’m pretty mentally exhausted from

BrIttany and I in one of our last Christmas' together

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