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Stepping out of the eye into the storm

*Every illness has a beginning.

You have to step out of the eye into the storm when someone gets sick.

It paints the most tragic and most beautiful picture in my mind.

You have to walk through the chaos, through the madness.

You have to face it.

Body forward.

Hands shielding your face so you can see.

You WILL be hit with debris.

You will be ripped apart.

Cuts and tears.

Wounds and words.

Water from your eyes drying on your cheek between dirt and blood.

It is a battle.

It calls forth your soul from your physical being and challenges it to stay afloat.

We can run from it, but the storm stays in your mind so no matter where you turn you can't get far enough away.

You will constantly question if you are doing the right thing because there really is no guidebook. Everyone is different, remember?

You will fall.








You will get back up.

You will dance in the storm because you must get through it.

It is as much a disaster to you as it is to them for they are the storm.

There is only so much you can do, or so you think because just when you thought you couldn't do anything else, when the wall has tried to stop you, you do more.

You do MORE.

IT isn't easy you must understand this.

It is far from.

But you do it.

Find support.

Talk openly while at the same time protecting.




Learn and understand.


See them.

IT will be the most frustrating and confusing time in your life but knowledge is power.

On my "About" page I have provided the website for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) on their website you can type in the city you live in (on their find support page) and they will provide you with your local NAMI. They have classes and support groups. You never have to be alone.


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