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Where would we be without darkness

Where would we be without suffering.

Where would we be without loss.

Does the light need the dark?

We all will suffer greatly in our lifetime.

There will be death, there will be illness.

it is life.

life does not last forever.

Must we experience the dark to see the light.

Do we truly appreciate the light without the darkness.

Maybe if we accept the dark, if we cradle it and nurture it and understand that it will always be there, we can live in the light.

or perhaps

YOU are in charge of the darkness.

YOU are in charge of the light.

You are in charge of what you allow into your mind and what you allow to affect you.

I know that this is hard to think about when considering someone such as my sister who really couldn't control the amount of darkness let into her mind


she did try to live in the light as much as she could

she survived for much longer that I believe I could have.

She battled her demons so gracefully.

She knew there was darkness.

She lived in it.

For all those battling the dark, sometimes the light is hidden. Sometimes you have to crawl and claw your way through to catch just a glimpse of a flame.

Keeping pursuing the light.

Fight for it.

Search for it.

Call for it.

The dark is scary .

The dark is unknowing and cruel,

but sometimes we can't avoid it.

Find someone.

Find someone that can handle the dark.

Find someone that has been through the dark.

Find someone that is your light.

There is always someone holding a match.


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